down the line - Out Now Worldwide!

so thrilled to announce the the lead single off of my self-titled album under Red Media Records has just released last night. I cannot be happier with this song and I hope you will embrace it to your playlists as well.

I had a great time working on it with my producr Russell Castilione and all the crew at Dubway Studios NYC as well as with Randy Merill of Sterling Sound and my label.

down the line is avaualbe now worldwide.

Snir Yamin
down the line - Out September 21st, 2018

thrilled to share that the first single off of my upcoming album, will be named “down the line” and will be released on September 21st, 2018 at Midnight EST.

Pre-Save down the line today on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer here:

I had so much fun working on this song with my producer Russell Lione and all the crew at Dubway Studios NYC, as well as Randy Merill off Sterling Sound and my team at Red Media Records.

see you September 21st.


Snir Yamin
The New Chapter

Opening a new chapter in your music career is always a scary move. Though, an even more frightening situation is to get bored or unhappy with what you do. Unfortunately, I've reached that point recently. It was then when I decided to wipe it clean and start all over again.

The old songs and albums will always be more than a beautiful memory. Recording them, living with them, breath them was a journey in the most inspiring yet dangerous, crazy sea. 

I can't wait to play you the new music. The following chapter is all about what I was hiding behind all these years, everything that I was too afraid to say.


Snir Yamin